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"A Toda Madre" a bit more abstract but I like the way it came out! #spraypaint #stencils #stencilart #metal #sign #art #graffiti #blessedmother

"Bernini’s Lion" Spray Paint on Metal Sign

Poster for this years Española Valley Arts Festival, artwork by Carlos Trujillo

Less than two weeks way. I took it a little easy so I will only have a few new pieces to show, but please come out and support me anyway. September 27th and 28th. Plaza de Española, New Mexico

It’s coming up people! I invite everyone to come out and support me and all the artist. Market is always an amazing show filled with some of the most talented artist from the southwest. I will be in booth 65 again this year. Hope to see you there!

Painting a few decks for Spanish Market. #spraypaint #stencil #stencils #skateboard #skateboards #art

Painting all weekend!!! 4 weeks left until market! #preparingformarket #painting #art #stencils #spraypaint #jesus

About Time…

About time I start posting some of my new signs. More to come, Spanish Markets just around the corner!

"Azul" Spray Paint on Metal Sign

"Angel" Spray Paint on Metal Sign

Happy to be part of a project that allowed me to give back to my home town, Española NM. 

Couple of action shots!

Stopping point for the day, hopefully it will be done tomorrow.

Starting a painting on Main Street near the Plaza de Española as part of a state wide beautification project.

Work in progress. Been working a lot lately. I will post new pieces soon!

Sign Project

Check out all my recycled street sign paintings here!